New OS for Your Smart Home

Control 4’s OS3 interface reflects the sophistication and capabilities of the kind of system you deserve. We now havefaster deployments, easier programming, and simplified management of homes. We welcome you to Control4 Smart Home OS 3. OS 3 is built specifically for you with thousands of enhancements and capabilities, many that you can see in the user interface. OS 3 is the smart home operating system specifically designed to unify hundreds of connected devices within the home, control them all from a single platform, deliver the personalization homeowners have been requesting, and facilitate the professional support required to deliver a smart home.

You will love these new enhancements. And you can rest assured that the tools you use every day have just gotten better. You will find deployments of any size are faster and easier.

Your favorites Apps are a tap away.

With new features, a fresh interface, and more than a thousand enhancements, homeowners can now personalize and organize favorite rooms, devices, and scenes, swipe-and-tap for easy navigation, customize wallpapers to their liking, and enjoy an enriched entertainment experience

Get more from your phone

Create whole home dashboard Bring favorite devices from across the home into a single room view.

Swipe between favorite rooms Quickly navigate between favorite rooms with a simple swipe.

At-a-glance status for more devices See if the garage door is open, or a door is locked, without tapping anything.

Your entertainment experience reimagined