Tech Trends

Can you imagine your life without a refrigerator? You would have to shop every day. Nothing would be cool, and rotten food would be an everyday worry. What would your life be like without a washing machine, a computer, or tv?

Today, our innovations have gone way past these inventions and automation, and smart home technology is now the norm. There is almost no part of your everyday home life that hasn’t been touched. Some of this technology can be a little odd. I’ve never gone to my refrigerator and wished there was a tv there, and I don’t need my toaster to talk to the internet. (real device – But some technology like our smartphones, watches, and Netflix are indispensable, and there is a rising
market demand to improve our health with tech, and tech companies are responding. IOS 13 promises updated health trends, cycle tracking, and even decibel analysis to help you protect your hearing.



Smart beds help improve sleep, and overhead speakers can remind aging adults to take their medications, alerts can be sent if an alcohol or medicine cabinet has been accessed, smart ovens automatically shut off, and more—there is a wealth of tech and data at our fingertips to help improve our lives.

We may not be flying around with jetpacks, and there is no Star Trek Holodecks or automatic food generators, but things have gotten easier, and are your tech-connected home with full automation is just a call away.