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The right smart home technology can give you effortless control and automation. With Technifi, you and your family can control nearly every device and system in the house in ways that are easy and fun to use.

Command with the push of a button

What if you could control everything in your house with ease? Not only can you control almost everything with your phone, but you can also do so with your voice.  Imagine changing the lights, entertainment, and securing your home with one command.

Home Theater

Home theaters can make going to the movies a thing of the past, but our setups and controls will do everything for you except pop the popcorn.


TechniFi security will give you peace of mind. Whether you are at home or away, our automated security features will let you know what is going on.


From overhead lighting to outdoor lighting, you are in control. You can use your phone, wireless controls, or even your voice.

Whole Home Audio

Imagine your favorite music playing in whatever room you want, anytime you want. That's the experience of whole home audio.

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Tech Trends

Can you imagine your life without a refrigerator? You would have to shop every day. Nothing would be cool, and rotten food would be an everyday worry. What would your life be like without a washing machine, a computer, or tv?

Today, our innovations have gone way past these inventions and automation, and smart home technology is now the norm.

What's the better way to stream?

Control4®’s OS3 interface reflects the sophistication and capabilities of the kind of system you deserve. We now have faster deployments, easier programming, and simplified management of homes. 

You will love these new enhancements. And you can rest assured that the tools you use every day have just gotten better. You will find deployments of any size are faster and easier.

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