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Networking & Wireless Networking

Is your wireless connection, or network making you crazy? Are you excited to add the latest smart gadgets to your home only to be frustrated by sluggish service and the loss of connectivity? We’ve got solutions to  make this a thing of the past.

Fast & Dependable

From multi-room audio, to security cameras, streaming, smart door locks to gaming consoles, You want all of your devices connected and working.

We will prioritize your network traffic so the experience is seamless, reliable, and consistently dependable. Internet browsing won’t be disturbed Television  or music streaming, and all of your services will work as they should.


Technifi will be there for you as you add more gear, subscribe to more services, or add more users. We will be there to keep you up to date with the latest technology and services to maximize your connected home.

Our professionals can handle even the most advanced homes networks. No matter how much streaming, devices, cameras, or audio and video requirements, we will make sure your network is up to the task.


The average home has 8 to 10 devices connected to it at any one time, and that demand is continuing to grow.  That’s why you need the best WIFI speed and networking to handle this demand.  Our Technifi industry leading products are designed to decrease lag, increase performance, and make the most of your network.

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