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Not every home or automation need is the same. Contact us and let us help you design YOUR perfect smart home.

Make your home the Smartest on the Block

Our home automation consultants explore every part of your home to discover opportunities for  smart features such as internal and external lighting controls, automated and remote security access and locking, in-wall multiroom audio, and can even look at the possibilities of provisioning a full home cinema.

Building a New Home

Building a new home? Why not make it a smart home? TechniFi smart home solutions will make your new home both beautiful and brilliant. We can coordinate virtually all the connected devices in your house to create a personalized experience with solutions that maximize your comfort, convenience, entertainment and peace of mind. Do something special for your new home and talk to a TechniFi consultant.

New Smart Homes

New homes require a different type of structured wiring than homes already built. In existing homes installers won’t want to cut any more holes in the wall than necessary. In new construction, plans can be made in advance so that the proper wiring is in place before the drywall is in place. We will work with your builder to make sure your new home is smart and comfortable.

Meet with our Smart Home Specialists

We are trained and certified to help build a home automation system that works for every member of the family. Everyone’s view of a smart home is unique, and our specialists will work with you to create solutions that best match your lifestyle and budget.

A Budget for every Smart Home

We have a solution for every budget. Sometimes it is easier and more affordable to focus on one solution. We can start with an entertainment setup for your family room, and add other features and technologies as your needs change. Go small or go big. The choice is yours, and Technifi will be there for you.

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